2018 Halo Hero Humanitarian Award Recipient: Franklyn Southwell

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Franklyn Trevor Southwell the 2nd, is a 23yr old Antiguan national who is the son of Franklyn T. Southwell and Eduvigis (Edu) Southwell. He completed his primary school education at the Christian Union Junior Academy in 2009, and there after he began his 5yr tenure at the St. Joseph’s Academy where he graduated in June 2014. During his tenure at The Academy, he was heavily involved in the Glee club (choir), environmental cadets, and the interact club where he served as the Public relations officer during his last year at the academy. He was also a member of the school’s championship winning basketball and volleyball teams. In his final year of high school, he completed nine CXC subjects. He graduated with a high school diploma and received a national award of recognition for his academic performances on the CXC level. He then attended the Antigua State College for two years in the A level department where he graduated with a college diploma and received his CAPE associates degree in Law. Aside from academics, he was also involved in the interact club where he served as the club director where he took charge in organizing meetings and planning all club events. Outside of school participation, Franklyn has been heavily involved in community works. He is currently a member of the Rotaract club, the Halo Generation Y club and he has worked alongside the project sync organization. He was also formerly a host the Observers Youtholgy programme advocating for youth empowerment, and  the Caribbean youth environment network (CYEN) He is known for his assistance with those in need, but primarily the elderly. Franklyn has gone beyond the call of duty to be a full-time care taker of his grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s alongside aiding other elderly ladies in his community. 

Upon receiving the Henley and partners scholarship in 2017, Franklyn began his pursuit on obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science & Economics. He aspires to pursue a career in politics & international diplomacy and one day become the future prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda. He also continued his charitable works by forming his own charitable society on campus which he named the friends of halo society. The society was formed in November of 2017 and has developed tremendously so far. It currently has over 25 full time members including all four of the current Henley and Partners scholarship recipients, and students from all over the world. During this past year, the society completed its first two major projects. In December of 2017, the friends of halo society hosted a toy drive for the Adsum shelter for women and children in Halifax. Also, in April, the society made a $500 (Canadian) donation to the Joseph Howe elementary school in aid of their efforts of sheltering Syrian refuge children. Franklyn has also been fulfilling the role of a student advocate for all students at Saint Mary’s. This year he was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the student association which is the highest governing body for students on campus. His tenure lasted from 2018-2020. 

For the upcoming school year, Franklyn enters his 4th year of study and hopes to graduate to in May 2021. He also hopes to continue his efforts in being an exemplary figure to his peers and working with his friends of halo society in hopes of expanding it to its full potential. He implores more young people to be more socially active in their communities not just for personal gain, but for the enhancement of the community on the larger scale.