2020 Halo Hero Humanitarian Award Recipient: Kaynas Phillips

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Kaynas Phillips is a 21-year-old seeker of knowledge who believes that knowledge is power. She is a student, a dancer and visual artist. A 2020 graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry, Kaynas graduated with honors and a perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0.

Her performance at university was in keeping with her educational trajectory. Over the course of her academic career, Kaynas has consistently performed in the top three, both in class and nationally. In her time, she was third in the country’s Common Entrance and Caribbean Examinations Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC). 

Kaynas, the inquisitive learner, considers her time at the Kabbaj Neuroscience Lab one of her most valuable experiences to date; here, she assisted in research on addiction, using rats. 

Kaynas, the leader, has held several titles throughout her life including peer-supporter, prefect, founder, co-founder, teacher, Captain of the debate team, First Speaker, and Resident’s Assistant. She was also the junior representative of the Natural Office of Disaster Services in Antigua and Barbuda in 2017.

Kaynas, the teacher, has a long track record of tutoring. At Florida State, she tutored athletes and volunteered at historically black elementary and high schools. Currently, she tutors local primary and secondary students in several subjects and is the founder of the Common Entrance Examination Marathon to prepare students for the test. 

As a passionate volunteer, Kaynas has dedicated time—and a piece of her heart—to the Victory Center School for children with special needs. Driven by the example of her late grandmother Pauline Francis, popularly known as Mommy Gen, she co-founded the Gen-R-Us Foundation to serve vulnerable groups in Antigua and Barbuda. Under that umbrella, she has led several initiatives geared towards her peers including a Youth Discussion Panel to educate students in Antigua and Barbuda about alternative options following the completion of secondary school.

Kaynas will begin the next chapter in her educational journey next year, when she enters medical school. In the while, she enjoys spending time with her family, debating and discussing, and questioning the accepted norms and examining life.