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The Halo Foundation Generation Y (Gen Y) has teamed up with the Mount St. John Medical Centre (MSJMC) to launch the “4 Times Saves 12 Lives” blood donation challenge, in support of World Blood Donor Day on June 14th.
According to Michael Joseph, Chief Operations Officer of Gen Y, “The hospital is always in need of blood, no matter what type. We have a tendency to only want to donate blood when a family member is in critical condition — but so many things could go wrong at the last minute, and we may not be in a position to assist. Each pint of blood given helps to save three lives, and this is an extremely noble act on the part of the donor.”
Individuals will make a pledge of at least four donations during the twelve-month period of this challenge, starting from June 2020. The times of donations will be determined by the givers, but it is recommended that sessions are at the very least, eight weeks apart. Donors are required to invite a minimum of four friends to join the challenge — and upon the completion of four donations, will be presented with a T-shirt to indicate their participation and achievement. At the end of the initiative, all donors who have fulfilled the challenge will be eligible to be entered into a grand prize draw.
Salma Crump, Head of Marketing and Communications at Mount St.John Medical Centre, said: “Our hope is that the challenge makes a lot of folks who have never considered donating blood – now consider it. More and more people are becoming resistant to the traditional appeals for blood, which have typically yielded rather conservative results. Perhaps this challenge will bring awareness to the cause in a novel and exciting way. Make it a big deal. Get your picture taken. Post it on social media. Tag your friends and dare them to donate, too. It’s the good kind of peer pressure. The one we need.”
President of Halo Generation Y, Brent Scotland highlighted the importance of this initiative: “It never is easy to execute a blood drive. It is hard to sell this concept of saving lives, but the issue is real. We are counting on the altruistic nature of the many young people throughout the nation who are willing to play their part in the alleviation of suffering and pain and the perpetuation of life.”
All blood donations are to be made at the Mount St. John Medical Centre.
Further details on the challenge can be obtained by calling The Halo Foundation (562-9153), or by visiting their website ( Information is also available on social media pages of both MSJMC and Halo.
Photo Caption (L-R):
Generation Y members Michael Joseph (Chief Operations Officer) and Brent Scotland (President) donating blood at MSJMC.