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I approached the Halo  Foundation because during a visit to a Primary School, I met a 10 year old boy  who had very poor eyesight. I spoke to his teacher and she stated that the child  previously had glasses. However, they had been broken  and his learning was affected by his poor eyesight. In turn, this was having a negative impact on the child’s behaviour in the classroom.

I took Tashique for a sight test and he is actually ‘legally blind’. I then spoke to the child’s family.  They said the family are aware, but cannot find the money for new glasses. The optician  ordered new glasses.

Originally,  I  had a donor to fund the glasses. Unfortunately, this donor did not materialise with the funding.

It was at this point I approached Lady Williams at the Halo Foundation . She took the request to her committee and a cheque was sent to the optician  within 1 week, to pay for the glasses.

What I particularly liked about working with the Foundation was the timely manner in which the matter was dealt with, and, the personal touch that Lady Williams provided by coming to the school and meeting the child and his classmates.

The child’s face when he put on his glasses was an absolute picture  of joy and happiness.

I found the experience to be very rewarding and worthwhile, it was a pleasure  to be involved in seeking assistance for this child and working with Lady Williams and the Halo Foundation.


Lisa Tomlinson