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Testimonial from Guoxia Tao- Chinese Director of Confucius Institute of Antigua and Barbuda.

Help the needy. Advocate the righteousness. Love without prejudice. Organize in productive manners. This is the HALO I see, feel and learn about. Antigua and Barbuda is called 安(ān)巴(bā) in Chinese, literally meaning a place of peace and comfort. Halo is one of the social forces from the people, by the people and for the people, which will surely bring the halo to the island and make it the best home of peace and comfort for the people to face the challenges and undertake reforms. Confucius says, “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Confucius Institute of Antigua and Barbuda is here to work with the Foundation to provide more high-quality and accessible education opportunities to the people.
To Antigua and Barbuda China Friendship Association
A Chinese proverb goes, a friend is easier lost than found. The friendship of Antigua and Barbuda and China, which has endured over the years and times, is out of the understanding, cooperation and common belief of the people. Thanks to the commitment and fundamental work done by ACFA, Confucius Institute of Antigua and Barbuda can land firmly in 2019 and grow productively despite the pandemic. We will look forward to jointly launching language learning and culture exchange programs to the needs of the community, so we can build up or solidify the invisible bridges for people of similarities and differences to be demonstrated, appreciated and bounded.