Women & Girls

Girls’ Brigade of Antigua and Barbuda

Girls’ Brigade of Antigua and Barbuda

Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has nine certified trainers. Training is organized by a Training Committee and includes a pre-scheduled system based on WAGGGS accredited Training Scheme. Residential training is usually on weekends. There is participation in sub-regional/regional trainings.

Women of Esteem

Women Of Esteem (Foundation) is a volunteer based foundation which has been in existence since late 2011. Over the last 2+ yrs, we have grown to be recognized for our unwavering dedication to serving the nation of Antigua & Barbuda through various initiatives. We remain dedicated to empowering abandoned, at risk women, teen girls ‘and the entire family unit.

Team Antigua Island Girls

Team Antigua Island Girls is comprised of Elvira Bell, Christal Clashing, Samara Emmanuel, Kevinia Francis, and Junella King. Collectively, they are four athletes and a skipper. Team Antigua Island Girls have set their sights on being the top female contenders and among the top five overall. They are being put through their paces on the water by the tough taskmaster and coach Eli Fuller, and in the gym by personal trainer Kevinia.

Sunshine Home for Girls

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