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Women Of Esteem (Foundation) is a volunteer based foundation which has been in existence since late 2011. Over the last 2+ yrs, we have grown to be recognized for our unwavering dedication to serving the nation of Antigua & Barbuda through various initiatives. We remain dedicated to empowering abandoned, at risk women, teen girls ‘and the entire family unit.

Self esteem has become a national crisis in Antigua and Barbuda and around the world. The majority of young girls & women today feel they do not measure up in some way including their appearance, performance in school, jobs and relationships. Most disturbing is that individuals with low self esteem are engaging in harmful and destructive behaviors that can have a lasting negative imprint.

Women Of Esteem (Foundation)’s mandate’ is to teach Wo-men (women and men) the TRUTH about their beauty, value, identity, purpose and talent with which God has endowed them. WOE (Foundation) is committed to the fight against Violence, Domestic Abuse, Unemployment and all of the other social ills and discrimination affecting families today.

Women Of Esteem (Foundation) believe in educating women/girls, our future generation, by supporting them so they can embrace their unique beauty, believe in themselves, and fulfill their dreams. ‘WOE’ (Foundation) focuses on developing positive self images, self confidence, establishing positive mindsets and independence through responsible decision making while empowering them to set and achieve goals.

‘WOE’ (Foundation) has  a divine passion for sharing God’s word as we Embrace, Educate and Empower each individual through our various rehabilitation programs, motivational seminars and benefit initiatives.

‘WOE’ (Foundation) focuses on providing tangible assistance to the less fortunate in our communities. We are able to accomplish this through our feeding programs, toys, clothing, books and food drives at monthly and quarterly intervals, as well as other significant holidays.  We facilitate a ‘school supplies’ initiative whereby we donate books, pens, and pencils etc. to those whose parents/guardians are unable to provide for them.

The WOE (Foundation) facility, when constructed, will be a place to find shelter from abuse/abandonment and/or tragedies etc.– It will provide of life-saving, supportive, and educational services to help women and girls leave behind a life of domestic violence.  These wrap-around services will enable each individual to begin a new life of stability, dignity and self-sufficiency. ‘WOE’ (Foundation) aspires to offer nurturing, confidential, rehabilitation via a secure 9 bedroom temporary care facility, where all residents—women and girls—will receive comprehensive services to begin their healing process.

The ‘WOE’ (Foundation) rehabilitation program intends to annually give approximately 60-80 women and girls the safe haven they need.

Major fund raising efforts to complete our ‘Care Facility’ to shelter the above mentioned individuals are well on the way to guaranteed success. We plan to break ground in 2015.

Our unique medium to spread our message is the radio talk show “Xpress Yourself” which communicates daily with our radio listeners by sharing information that triggers enlightenment on all aspects of one’s life; Spiritually, Physically and Mentally. This radio talk show is morally grounded and was designed to re-introduce stimulating conversations on any topic/issue/or social concern so as to revive our awareness about how we ought to ‘Esteem’ ourselves.