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The Salvation Army Mission Statement:

The Salvation Army , founded in 1865, is an international religious and charitable movement organized and operated on a quasi-military pattern and is a branch of the Christian church.  Its membership includes officers (clergy), soldiers/adherents (laity), members of varied activity groups and volunteers who serve as advisors, associates and committed participants in its service functions.

The motivation of the organization is love of God and a practical concern for the needs of humanity.  This is expressed by a spiritual ministry, the purposes of which are to preach the Gospel, disseminate Christian truths, supply basic human necessities, provide personal counseling and undertake the spiritual and moral regeneration and physical rehabilitation  of all persons in need who come within its sphere of influence regardless of race, color, creed, sex and age.

The Sunshine Home for Girls Mission Statement:

The Sunshine Home for Girls provides a holistic programme that assists the girls in reaching their full potential through building self-worth and empowerment.  Through God’s grace and Christian compassion, the girls will return to Antigua  society as independent individuals and valued contributors.

A brief history of The Salvation Army – Sunshine Home for Girls

Situated in the southern section of Antigua, nine miles form St. John’s, one will find The Salvation Army shine Home for Girls.

The Home opened on 27th. March 1992, was started to provide a home away from home for girls in need of care and protection.

Major Joycelyn Jonas now Maxam the founder of the home was alarmed at the many young girls who were being physically and sexually abused.

The situation became so acute that while the Major was able to shelter one young girls only, in her home, she vowed that other girls in a similar plight would receive help and so the search for a suitable property for the Home.  Several visits, talks and letters were done all in an effort to find suitable

Accomodation.  After several  months the old Johnson’s Point School was identified.

The Home is now in existence for 23 years.  One hundred and forty young women have been residents here.  Many have taken their place in society and are doing very well, both locally and abroad.

The Salvation Army Sunshine Home for Girls, through the grace of God and structured holistic programme, continues to enable young women to reach their full potential, building self-worth

Empowering them to make informed decisions about their future and supporting them to return to their communities as independent individuals and valuable contributors to the Antiguan and Barbudan society.


(The facilities and programs now in operation at the home caters to young girls ages 8-16.

However there is a need for an expansion as at age 17 after evaluation the girls are not yet ready for society and so the need of a half way house accomodation).

To build  accommodation for at least 3 girls over 17 by September 2017

To build storage facility by December 2016

To increase numbers  for accomodation by 3 as of January 2016

To replace transportation as in February 2015 the van met an accident and is now unfit for driving, the case in still in court and the insurance has written of the van as not being road worthy. This we hope to do by October 2015.

Why donations are important?

Donations are important to assist with the daily operations of the Home to provide the necessities and food as funding is minimal and is most times late.

The Home is operated by a monthly stipend received from Government (please note that is some times 2   or more months  late).

Also donations from The Salvation Army and friends

What kind of donations are accepted?

The institution accepts gifts of cash, and kind such as:  house hold, food, school supplies, clothing, linen, medical, furnishing, farm tools, games  and building.


The girls are placed in the home through the courts, social welfare and private (through the Salvation Army board).

Communication and Contact detail:
The Divisional Commander
The Salvation Army
36 Long Street
St. John’s Antigua Telephone 1268-462-0115

The Administrator
Major Claudette Allwood
Sunshine Home for Girls
P.O. Box 2
Johnson’s Point
Antigua 1268-462-7788, 1268- 732-5174