Halo Youth Donate to Red Cross for Barbuda Relief

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Halo Generation Y (the Halo Foundation Youth Team) donated over EC$40,000 to the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross recently, in order to aid hurricane efforts in Barbuda.
President of Generation Y, Brent Scotland said: “The onus is on the younger generation to concern themselves with the future of our nation, as we will ultimately be the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. This is certainly a situation of “all hands on deck”, and as the saying goes, doing nothing was not an option”.
According to the President of the Antigua & Barbuda Red Cross, Michael Joseph, “The funds donated by the Halo Foundation will go towards our programs currently being implemented in Barbuda.  These programs include water and sanitation, vector control and livelihood. It is important to note that Barbuda recovery will be a long-term undertaking, and the Antigua & Barbuda Red Cross is committed to being there until the completion — no matter how long it takes.”
President and Founder of the Halo Foundation, Lady Williams, indicated that in addition to all the work being done with the 30 charities under the organization’s umbrella, Halo has also taken on other joint initiatives.  “The Barbuda Relief Effort is an area of sharp focus for us”, she said, “and our partners such as the Red Cross and the Waitt Foundation / Barbuda Recovery and Conservation Trust are leading us in the right direction with respect to how best  we should approach the livelihood project in our sister island”.
Photo caption: L-R
Lady WIlliams (President & Founder, Halo); Michael Joseph (President, Antigua & Barbuda Red Cross); Brent Scotland (President, Halo Generation Y); Cuthbert Forbes Jr. (PRO, Halo).