Halo Generation Y blood donation appeal to mark World Blood Day 2021

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Halo Generation Y ( the youth arm of the Halo Foundation) is appealing to the youth of the nation to donate one point of blood to the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Clinic. This is in recognition of World Blood Donor Day on June 14th, 2021. 

One year ago, the Halo Foundation Generation Y (Gen Y) teamed up with the Mount St. John Medical Centre (MSJMC) to launch the “1 Pint, 4 Times, 12 Lives” blood donation challenge, in support of World Blood Donor Day held every year on June 14th.

The campaign yielded a significant contribution to the blood bank, as several of the nation’s young people stepped up to the plate and supported the drive to save human life.

At the start of the campaign, Michael Joseph, Chief Operations Officer of Gen Y, said: “The hospital is always in need of blood, no matter what type.  We have a tendency to only want to donate blood when a family member is in critical condition — but so many things  could go wrong at the last minute, and we may not be in a position to assist. Each pint of blood given helps to save three lives, and this is an extremely noble act on the part of the donor.”

President of Halo Generation Y, Brent Scotland thanked the youth for their participation.  “The concept of saving lives is a real challenge, when it comes to blood donation.  For all those who took the time and mustered up the courage, your humanitarian efforts are certainly praiseworthy.”

All blood donations are to be made at the Mount St. John Medical Centre.  Until June 30th, Gen Y will present each donor with an attractively designed t-shirt.

Further details on the challenge can be obtained by calling The Halo Foundation (562-9153),  or by emailing contact@foundationhalo.org.Photo caption:  (1)Halo Generation Y members at Government House, launching the blood donation campaign in 2020. Front (L-R): Brent Scotland (President, Generation Y, Bianca Bavaghems and Michael Joseph (Chief Operating Officer).  Other members pictured include: Cuthbert Forbes (PRO), Shanna Challenger. Kadeem Joseph Jahmesha Daniel, Brittany Barnes, Kristine Louisa, Chinoir Ijeh, Adia Duberry, Romancier Edwards, Latisha Browne, Sherrylaine Bowens, Kyle Nicholas and Lorenzo Williams, (2)CEO of Digicel, Joanna Spencer, joins the challenge.