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The underprivileged and vulnerable of Antigua and Barbuda have a new champion in Lady Sandra Williams, wife of Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams, who launched The Halo Foundation in 2014 to brigade and support the efforts made by more than twenty organizations within the twin-island state and encourage donors to come to their assistance. Halo’s concern for charitable entities such as the Friends of the Care Project and the Sunshine Home for Girls, to name a few, has to be warmly applauded. The clear synergy which this Foundation creates, the opportunity which funders both national and international will have through its good offices to help a broad spectrum of people in need will create a “Halo” effect that will touch those who suffer acute disadvantage. I hope everyone will give generously and assist the First Lady of Antigua and Barbuda in her efforts to relieve the distress of the vulnerable and those in need and to ensure that the joy of living in the beautiful island of my father’s birth is shared by all.


The Rt Hon the Baroness Scotland QC :

Patricia Scotland