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ABOUT: St. John International is a worldwide organization based in London, UK, and that has branches around the world. In Antigua St. John focuses solely on our Hospice.
FUNCTIONS: St. John Hospice serves to offer care to the terminally ill of Antigua & Barbuda. Usually persons who have no more than three months to survive. We offer residential care for these patients to ensure that they are kept as pain free as possible with as much dignity as possible.
WHY DONATIONS: As a charity, we are dependent upon donations and fund raising efforts in order to keep our doors open. It costs an average of $550,000 per year to keep our doors open. We do charge a nominal amount to patients but these charges do not even cover a 1/5th of our operating expenses.
WHAT KIND OF DONATIONS: We are extremely grateful for monetary donations that assist us in keeping our doors open. We also accept donations of gently used/nearly new clothing to be sold in our charity shop “Fashion Encore,” on Bishopgate Street. At Hospice we have a wish list that is frequently updated listing items that would assist us in caring for our patients.
MEMBERSHIP & BOARD: St. John Association in Antigua is run by a Council comprised of Heather Mannix (Chair), Agnes Meeker (Founder), Sharon Cort Thibou (Lawyer), Angie Bascus (Accountant), Rosemary Magoris (Charity Shop), Patrick Ryan & Charlene Selkridge (Members) and Jane George-John (Administrator).

Telephone 562-8221,
Facebook: St. John Hospice Antigua