Three Students Awarded 2017 University Scholarship to Canada

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Three students from Antigua and Barbuda were recently awarded the Henley & Partners Hero Scholarship managed by the Halo Foundation. They are Franklyn Southwell ll, Amarni Gomes and Rayniér DeBellotte.  Both Mr. Southwell and Mr. Gomes are ex-students of the St.Joseph’s Academy, while Miss DeBellotte had attended the Antigua Girls’ High School.  All three awardees pursued further studies at the Antigua State College.
“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to these very promising young people.  They will be undertaking a four-year program in disciplines of Arts, Commerce and Science respectively”, said Gaye Hechme, Managing Partner at Henley & Partners. “Last year, there was one recipient — Ariana Joseph of Christ the King High School.  We are aware of the need to more substantially support higher education, and consequently have added two tuition scholarships per year to the annual full scholarship which was already on offer.”
President and Founder of the Halo Foundation, Lady Williams, expressed her gratitude to Henley & Partners for their commitment to the human resource development of Antigua and Barbuda.   “The selected youth are not only academically sound”, she added, “but each student was chosen largely because of the extent of their charitable works and the nature of their community outreach.  We are anticipating, from this group of four students, the emerging of two medical doctors (including one oncologist), one politician/diplomat, and one tourism specialist.”
Franklyn Southwell , the full scholarship recipient, will also be presented with the Halo Hero Humanitarian gold medal at a ceremony in June 2018. The newly selected scholars  will commence studies in September 2017 at St.Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Photo caption: L-R
Gaye Hechme (Henley & Partners), Rayniér DeBellotte, HE Lady Williams, HE Sir Rodney Williams, Amarni Gomes, JoAnn Calias (St.Mary’s Representative – Principal of SASS), and Franklyn Southwell.