Uniformed Body

Girls’ Brigade of Antigua and Barbuda

Girls’ Brigade of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Branch of the Scouts Association

The Antigua and Barbuda Branch of The Scout Association is coeducational, with separate sections for boys and girls. Although Antigua and Barbuda is independent, Scouting is a section of the United Kingdom’s Scout Association. Scouting is active in most of Antigua and Barbuda’s villages, where Scouts learn the basic skills and practice them at an […]

Ex-Servicemen’s Association

November 11th, is the date set aside to commemorate the war dead of the Commonwealth in general, and the Caribbean and Antigua and Barbuda in particular. Please buy a Poppy in support of those selfless, courageous and gallant men and women who have sacrificed and continue to do so for our freedom.

Girl Guides Association of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has nine certified trainers. Training is organized by a Training Committee and includes a pre-scheduled system based on WAGGGS accredited Training Scheme. Residential training is usually on weekends. There is participation in sub-regional/regional trainings.

Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross

To work effectively with the Government in disaster preparedness and response; and in our National Society’s mandate, to help fulfill the unmet health needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Boys’ Brigade

“The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tend towards a true Christian manliness”.