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The object of the Boys’ Brigade:

“The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tend towards a true Christian manliness”.


The Boys’ Brigade is in need of donations to fund;

  1. Purchase of equipment and educational materials
  2. Transportation to National and other functions
  3. Assist under-privileged children with uniforms, etc
  4. Community projects
  5. Purchase and maintenance of marching drums

The Boys’ Brigade is funded in most parts by the Church and the company’s “Captains” – name given to the head of a Boys’ Brigade Company. The Boys’ Brigade due to its para-military nature participates in all Government National Activities i.e. Independence Day, Remembrance Day, State Funerals etc. and supports many of the churches and other organizations with its marching band. The cost of transporting etc. to these activities are funded by the Captains and other senior members of the Company. We presently do not have a home or camp site for the Boys’ Brigade. This is an urgent and necessary requirement as it allows for the imparting of the teachings of ownership, national pride, responsibility and the camping skills that are associated with Brigade life. The Boys’ Brigade Antigua seeks the support of the Government and the office of the Governor General in our bid to secure a headquarters/office which will serve as the home of the Regional Body and the local Boys’ Brigade

Kind of Donations:

The Brigade requires the following support:

  1. Financial support
  2. A parcel of land to build our camp site
  3. A headquarter/office and staff to manage the affairs of the Local and Regional body.


The Boys’ Brigade membership is presently 193. There are four categories:

  • Anchor – from the boys 5th birthday
  • Juniors – from his 8th birthday
  • Discovery – from his 11th birthday
  • Seniors – from his 16th birthday

Our Executive which was elected on July 6, 2015 is as follows:

  • Mitchell A. Hill – President                                                        Tel: 268 727 9999
  • Dayton Samuel – Vice President                                                      268 778 8679
  • Mitchell C. Coates – Secretary                                                        268 764 5343
  • Lionel Walker – Camp and Project Officer                                       268 764 3671
  • Marlon Hunte – Badge and Program Officer                                    268 726 0919
  • Elgin Cornwall – Assistant Camp and Project Officer                      268 724 6687
  • Anderson James – Assistant Badge and Program Officer               268 774 4647
  • Vacant              – Treasurer

Local Companies 

1st ANTIGUA Freetown Lionel Walker 268-7643671
 2nd ANTIGUA Sea View Farm Mitchell C. Coates 268-7645343
5th  ANTIGUA Parham Dayton Samuel 268-7788679
6th ANTIGUA St.John’s Molvie Jeffrey 268-7835227
7th ANTIGUA Sawcolts/John Hughes Anderson James 268-7744647
8th ANTIGUA English Harbour Nicholas Quashie 268-7887944
9th ANTIGUA Freemansville Jose Samuel-Joseph 268-7280537
11th ANTIGUA Swetes Alvah Richards 268-7828782


Communication Details 

The Secretary, Boys’ Brigade Council,

P.O Box 522, St. John’s Antigua