Gender affairs receives Supply of rape kits from Halo Foundation

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Gender affairs receives Supply of rape kits from Halo Foundation

The Halo Foundation, a charitable organisation founded by Her Excellency Lady Sandra Williams, recently handed over a supply of rape kits to the Directorate of Gender Affairs.  The items were received by Acting Executive Director Farmala Jacobs.

Lady Williams remarked: “These sexual assault examination kits are essential for the collection and preservation of forensic evidence.  Rape is one of the most underreported crimes, and even when reported, if there is no physical evidence it is difficult to lead to an arrest and prosecution.  It is therefore crucial that the evidence is collected and analysed in an expeditious manner. And since these kits are disposable items, it is extremely important to keep the quantities in stock at an adequate level. The intention of our donation is simply to add to the stock.” Jacobs in expressing thanks on behalf of Directorate expressed her sincere appreciation for the timeliness of the donation.

The Halo Foundation considers the needs of 23 organisations under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor General – Sir Rodney Williams, and Her Excellency Lady Williams. The Foundation is managed by an Executive Board, and in some extreme instances, the Board has considered assistance to other entities and individuals outside of their patronage.

In December 2014, Halo executed a ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ programme in which the organisation joined with local tourism and business partners to provide almost two weeks of activity and good cheer for the girls of the Sunshine Home. This year on December 8th, the Foundation will be endorsing an all-inclusive fundraising evening entitled ‘Music for a Cause’, in conjunction with the Kutting Eddge Band.  The event will be held at Government House beginning at 7 p.m. that evening,  and will feature a cadre of  talented artistes.  Proceeds will go towards addressing the ‘wish lists’  of the many charities under the umbrella of Halo.