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Friends of the Care Project – Holberton Hospital

The Friends of the Care Project is a government facility, which provides a home and basic care for a number of children with severe mental and physical disabilities. Many have been abandoned by their families. It is currently housed in the paediatric ward at the old Holberton hospital. Most of the residents have never known a life outside the care project and sadly most are likely to live the rest of their lives in such care. Although the Care Project is primarily a home for children the ages of the residents range from 8-48.

The Friends of the Care Project was originally an unofficial name for a group of children who lived in the functioning paediatric ward at the Holberton Hospital. When the hospital closed and moved to the new Mount St John site, these children were left under the care of The Citizens Welfare Division and then in 2009 The Fiennes Institute.

In April 2013 the residents from the Amazing Grace Charity were also transferred to The Care Project.

The residents suffer from a range of illnesses and conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Hydrocephalus, blindness, seizures and many neurological diseases.

​FRIENDS OF THE CARE PROJECT is an independent Non-Profit Organisation that was founded in order to help improve the facilities at The Care Project and provide specialist therapy for its residents. Our Patron is Her Excellency Lady Williams, wife of The Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda.

​Friends of the Care Project’s sole aim is to help to provide a loving and caring nurturing environment for the residents at the Care Project.

​Through fundraising efforts and raising awareness of this group of individuals we have been able to enhance their daily lives. Friends of the Care Project have funded specialist sensory teaching and physiotherapy sessions. These are on an individual and group basis. These services, taken for granted in most countries have had a tremendous impact on the children’s lives with some children beginning to speak and communicate for the first time in their lives!

Friends of the Care Project also arrange day trips for the residents. Until very recently these children had never been to the beach, swam in the sea or even been to a supermarket!