Antiguan Delegates Participate in Cultural and Educational Exchange in China

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Cuthbert Forbes, Administrative Assistant at Government House, Public Relations Officer of the Halo Foundation, and Secretary of the Antigua Barbuda China Friendship Association, together with Rozanne Emanuel, Administrative Assistant at Government House, recently embarked on a significant journey to China to investigate the development of small commodity markets in developing countries.

The delegates departed from Antigua on May 8, 2024, to attend a two-week seminar held in Hangzhou and Beijing. During their visit, they immersed themselves in the rich cultural heritage of China and participated in a variety of educational and interactive activities across several provinces.

At the seminar, Forbes and Emanuel acquired invaluable insights into the expectations of emerging markets and explored innovative strategies by which small island states like Antigua and Barbuda can utilize their natural resources to promote economic development. They visited local businesses and technological centres, thereby enhancing their understanding of potential avenues for capital generation.

Additionally, the delegates engaged deeply with Chinese culture through martial arts training, museum visits, and sampling the local cuisine as part of a comprehensive cultural awareness program. This immersive experience was shared with representatives from eight nations, totaling 45 participants, thereby fostering international collaboration and cross-cultural exchange.

The participation of Forbes and Emanuel in this Chinese cultural and educational exchange underscores Antigua and Barbuda’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and enhancing bilateral relations. Their enriching journey exemplifies the power of cultural immersion and knowledge sharing to drive sustainable development and promote mutual understanding among nations.