ACFA participates in Chinese Language Day

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The Embassy of The People’s Republic of China hosted Chinese Language Day on Friday, April 19th, in a vibrant celebration of Mandarin language and culture.

The event welcomed teachers, students, and parents from various educational institutions that have incorporated Mandarin into their curriculum, showcasing a commitment to promoting cross-cultural exchange.

Co-hosted by Grace from the Chinese Embassy and Cuthbert Forbes, Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda China Friendship Association (ACFA), the event was a collaborative effort aimed at strengthening ties between both nations and fostering mutual appreciation for cultural diversity.

Attendees were treated to a spectacle of traditional Asian performances and delectable cuisine, as they immersed themselves into the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage.

Chinese Language Day holds special significance, having been acknowledged by the United Nations 14 years ago.

ACFA is a nonprofit organization of which HE Sir Rodney Williams is Patron , and HE Lady Williams is President.