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Congratulations to  (1) Jahrel Pelle of Villa Area ( currently attending St.Mary’s University in Canada on a full 4-year undergraduate scholarship offered by Henley & Partners and managed by the Halo Foundation, and (2) Nathania Silston of the Antigua Girls High School. They received the Halo Hero Humanitarian Award at the tertiary and secondary levels respectively, for their acts of bravery and/ or kindness. The full citation is included below :

1.Mr Jahrel Pelle – The Halo Humanitarian Award – Tertiary Level – For humanitarian services rendered to the community

Mr Jahrel Pelle is a dedicated, passionate and goal-oriented young man. He was born in the beautiful twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda and he is the son of Rupert and Carol PelleJahrel is 20 years old and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at the Saint Mary’s University and later hopes to become an Optometrist as his grandmother suffered from Glaucoma, and now his father along with himself have been diagnosed with this eye disease. Therefore, by becoming a specialist in eye care, Jahrel will be able to offer a great service to his family and also to his community. 

This vibrant young man believes that he would be able to make his dream a reality, and will never let anything deter him from doing so. Over the past few years, Jahrel has made many achievements. He was the valedictorian of the Villa Primary and the Antigua Grammar School where he also served as head boy. While at the Antigua Grammar School, he was apart of the Jr. Science Quiz Team, Debating Team and A.G.S Steel Orchestra, demonstrating that through hard work and determination, one can become very successful and reap many benefits. Jahrel has a deep affection for music, he loves listening to various genres of music. He enjoys playing the violin, and is also a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

To date, Mr Pelle has made many achievements in his life, but his most important accomplishments would be in the area of humanitarian work. Jahrelwas an active member of the St. Johns Seventh-day Adventist Pathfinder Club, and is now involved in the Advent Youth Ministry. By taking part in these ministries, Jahrel was able to carry out frequent visits to Elderly homes within Antigua, and to the Project Hope Community Centre. He willingly participated in the free distribution of hot soup, breakfast, clothing, toys and books to individuals in the community. Every mindful of his long term goal of qualifying as an optometrist he volunteered at Dr. Jillia Bird’s Office, where he was able to learn new techniques and the opportunity to assist Dr. Bird at various summer camps across Antigua and Barbuda. The camps provided great practical experiences for Jahrel as well as the children who attended. Jahrel is also an active member of the Saint Mary’s University Friends of Halo Society which seeks to offer aid and give back to its community in any way possible.

All this paved the way for Jahrel as he was awarded the Henley and Partners Hero Scholarship managed by the Halo Foundation. Jahrel expresses his deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Halo Foundation for his selection as the 2018 Halo Humanitarian Award Recipient. 

Jahrel believes that he could be the individual to pave the way for the youth in his community to aspire to reach their full potential and to never let anything hinder them from attaining their goals. It is his belief that through hard work, determination and faith in God, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. 

Mr. Jahrel Pelle – The Halo Humanitarian Award – Tertiary Level – For humanitarian services rendered to the community

2.Ms. Nathania Silston – The Halo Humanitarian Award – Secondary Level – For humanitarian services rendered to the community

A Form 4 secondary school student, Nathania loves life and loves to interact with others and help those in need. She has opened doors for accessing such opportunities through her membership in a number of organizations such as the Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship, Interact and the Optimist Clubs of the Antigua Girls’ High School. As if this was not enough, young Ms. Silston is also an active member of the 9th Antigua Girl Guides Unit. Nathania is described as a star girl guide who is very courteous and kind and whose willingness to help and to bring cheer to others has assisted her in gaining a number of badges for kindness and bravery. Her guide leader recounted that on one occasion, a new girl joined the unit and appeared to be withdrawn. While other girls kept their distance, Nathania made it a point to befriend her in a most touching way, bringing a smile to her face. It turned out later that her act of kindness went a long way in assisting a fellow teenager who was experiencing the trauma of being bullied at her school. The transformation in the young lady by this act of kindness has also brought encouragement and comfort to her family members who are truly grateful to young Ms. Silston. Not only is she kind, she is also brave and willing to participate in hiking and other adventures, even in less than sunny conditions. She approaches a challenge in the same way she approaches those in need, with eager anticipation that all will be well in the long run. 

Her talents are displayed through her participation in her school’s steel band and choir. She has also represented her school in the Junior Science Quiz educational programme. 

A devout church member, who assists with teaching young children spiritual lessons, Nathania believes that loving and serving others is a core value which must be demonstrated in everyday life.  

Born Nathania Aaliyah Beyonce Lynea to Lydia Davis –Silston and Barrymore Silston, this young lady who will celebrate her 16th birthday later this year, is a role model, not only for her peers but for many older individuals who really have no excuse for lack of love for or desire to serve others. 

Ms. Nathania Silston – The Halo Humanitarian Award – Secondary Level – For humanitarian services rendered to the community