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I remember receiving a call from Lady Williams telling me that I was going to China. At first it was a bit unbelievable that I could be selected to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience, but after I realized that it was no joke, I had been selected along with Amaya Athill and Cherrie Osborne to represent the Antigua Barbuda China Friendship Association and in extension Antigua & Barbuda in Shanghai China at the Shanghai World Travel Fair 2017.  Preparation leading up to the trip was overwhelming mainly due to the language barrier and moreover I was the youngest and least experienced in the trio. Despite this we arrived in China and got to work with no time to spare. For four days we were able to interact with many different persons, promoting the agenda of the ABCFA, as well as forging friendships with many persons to include some extremely friendly persons who represented Ethiopia, who gave us hand knitted scarfs and local Ethiopian tea Learning a bit of Chinese, eating authentic Chinese cuisine like dumplings and noodles, being taken on a VIP tour around the city, visiting the Chinese Museum and many of the different shopping malls where we were amazed by the unbelievable amount of stores where on could shop, seeing the skyline at night (the bund) and crossing over the river via the ferry to tour the financial district, visiting the pearl tower, riding the metro, touring an original Chinese Temple where we saw monks worshiping and meeting with the Chinese Friendship Association with Foreign Countries all tied into the experience. It was also exciting as we travelled to and from the center via foot each day, we saw numerous customs which were different to Caribbean culture. Morning exercise in the parks, afternoon meditation and evening dancing in the squares at different districts were a norm for the older (retired) men and women. This trip was truly one I will remember forever and I hope that I will be able to someday visit China again. I would like to thank the Antigua & Barbuda Chinese Friendship Association and moreover I would like to profusely thank Her Excellency Lady Williams for believing in me and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.  
My Trip to China