Royal Commonwealth Society Antigua-Barbuda emphasizes need for environmental focus

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The Antigua and Barbuda Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) recently expressed support of the need for global impact reduction as a result of damaging climate change.
“Like many people, I never took much notice of environmental issues beyond being annoyed by people throwing rubbish out of their car windows rather than taking it home”, commented Board Director John Duffy. “As the vast majority of greenhouse gases produced by Antigua and Barbuda come from vehicle engines and electricity production, the decrease in the use of diesel generators and the introduction of electric vehicles could massively reduce the carbon footprint on this island”.
Joanne Newell, Board Director said, “As members of the Royal Commonwealth Society Antigua and Barbuda, we are dedicated to spreading the message and raising awareness of helping to keep our beautiful islands clean and litter free – maintaining pristine and serene surroundings, but at the same time reducing the impact of what so much unwanted littering can do to the environment, to our beaches and oceans and their inhabitants.”
According to Board Director Patrice Skerritt, “The environment is one of the key focus points for RCS Antigua and Barbuda. We will be exploring meaningful ways in which we can contribute towards a cleaner, greener space.”
President of the RCS Antigua-Barbuda Branch, H.E. Lady Williams emphasized that the Royal Commonwealth Society campaign theme (in conjunction with the Halo Foundation ) “Lend a hand to clean our land”, is meant to remind us all that the protection and preservation of our environment is a collective effort. “It’s not a matter of wholly expecting some other entity to bear total responsibility for the protection of our planet. While policies set by nations heavily affect the path of environmental preservation, there are simple steps that we can each take in the right direction – such as recycling, tree planting, and the conservation of energy. Switching off lights when not in use and utilizing LED bulbs is a reasonable start. These actions may sound simple – but in the long run, what we are aiming for is a protected world that will still exist for future generations to enjoy.”
About the Royal Commonwealth Society:
The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) is a network of individuals and organisations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world. Through youth empowerment, education and high-level advocacy, the Society champions the importance of literacy, equality and inclusion, the environment and connected communities across the Commonwealth’s 54 member nations. The Society’s unique position within the Commonwealth family allows it to play a pivotal role in convening and connecting the Commonwealth’s political and diplomatic representatives, as well as industry, civil society, academic and business leaders, on a wide range of issues. Founded in 1868, the RCS is non-partisan, independent of governments and relies on public generosity to achieve its mission.
Other RCS branches in the Caribbean are Barbados (registered in 1985), Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.
Photo caption:
H.E. Lady Williams, President, RCS (Antigua-Barbuda)
Patrice Skerritt, Board Director, RCS (Antigua-Barbuda)
Joanne Newell, Board Director, RCS (Antigua-Barbuda)