Halo Christmas Art Winners Announced

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Halo Christmas Art Winners Announced

Twelve students were awarded for their creativity on Friday 18 December at Government House by Their Excellencies Sir Rodney and Lady Williams at the 6th Annual Halo Christmas Art Competition.

The Governor General delivered brief remarks to the small, socially-distanced gathering of students and parents. He expressed his delight that there has been an increase in the number of educational institutions in participation, including several government primary and secondary schools.

“We recognise the importance of culture and the arts, even while we appreciate the significance of science and technology”, said Sir Rodney. “We are therefore committed to lending our support to encourage improvement in the areas of music, art and culture wherever possible.”

The Annual Halo Christmas Card Competition is a regular feature on the Halo Foundation’s calendar of activities, and highlights the artistic abilities of the nation’s youth.

A total of 23 primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across the island entered this year’s competition. The overall trophy winner for 2020 was 7-year old Annebella Mansoor from the St. Nicholas Primary School. Winners were presented with cheques, and students in first place were also given art supplies.

Winning entry by Annabella Mansoor


Winner – Annabella Mansoor -St Nicholas Primary
1st – Takera Joseph – Liberta Primary
2nd – Annecia Frederick – St John’s Lutheran

Winner – Kellisa Chiddick- Antigua Girls’ High School
1st – Alejandra Millan – Island Academy
2nd -Savannah Greenaway -St Nicholas Primary

Winner – Janae Smith – Antigua Girls’ High School
1st – Joed Martin – Antigua Grammar School
2nd Lamitta Nadour – Christ The King High School

Winner – Lenniel Bethune – Antigua State College
1st – Tiffany Dunnah – Christ The King High School
2nd – Lauren Jeys – Island Academy

HE Lady WIlliams (right) with Ann Makhoul – Art Teacher from St. Nicholas Primary (left) and overall winner Annabella Mansoor. (centre)

Cover photo
(1)Their Excellencies with first place winners in the various categories.(L-R) Janae Smith, Lenniel Bethune, H.E. Lady Williams, Annabella Mansoor, H.E. Sir Rodney Williams and Kellisa Chiddick.