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A team of 30 from Guadeloupe, including chefs, waitresses, dancers and drummers traveled to Antigua in order to display their culture and cuisine at Music For A Cause held recently at Government House.  

The group from the “Campus of Tourism Trades and Qualifications Promoting Guadeloupe as a Destination” (Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications et de la Valoridation de la Guadeloupe) was headed by  President Pierre-Eric Marchal and  Project Manager Evely Biras.  Patrons present were also able to sample products from Rhum Damoiseau, as Guadeloupe is well known for its “rhum agricole”, a type of cane juice rum originally distilled on the island from fresh cane juice. 

Catering at the French food station was spearheaded by three top chefs who are senior professors at the Institute, as well as Ambassadors of the Guadeloupe Savoir Faire.

This is an annual event where the various cultures residing in and around Antigua and Barbuda come together in a harmonious evening of food and drink, as well as national expression in costume and dance. The Halo Foundation has welcomed the involvement of the Honorary Consulate over the past few years, and in 2019 the participation of the French group was backed by the European Union and the Région Guadeloupe, ensuring a significantly impactful presentation.

Photo caption:

(1) L-R:  H.E. Sir Rodney Williams, Governor General; H.E. Lady Williams, President of the Halo Foundation;  Murielle Voges, Manager – Campus des Métiers; Every Biras, Project Manager; Christiane Hansen, Honorary Consul for France to Antigua and Barbuda; and Pierre-Eric Marchal, President of the Campus des Métiers.

(2) A dancer from Guadeloupe in national dress displays the indigenous Damoiseau Rum