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The Blue Dragonfly Foundation’s mission is to assist young people with autism and learning disabilities to acquire the necessary life and vocational skills to live and work as independently as possible and be the best they can be. 

Working exclusively in Antigua and Barbuda, The Blue Dragonfly Foundation will fill a huge gap in resources for young autistic adults who currently have nowhere to transition on leaving school. Blue Dragonfly will support these young persons to continue their education or vocational training and to receive the day to day structure that they desperately need to succeed in their communities. 

Having established a permanent home in Antigua, The Foundation will work with young people to be integrated and active in the community, whilst also working to connect and support autistic young people and their families across Antigua and Barbuda. 

Caroline and her team welcome the opportunity to discuss The Foundation and these opportunities further, and can be contacted by email. or by phone/WhatsApp +44 7507 542223