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ABHS is a not for profit organization established in 1956 which has along history in Antigua Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean, but had been dormant, we re-established the Society in 2009 in association with the Gard Center who provided us with a temporary home.
Our Aim is to build the society to become a center for learning, teaching and information about the Agricultural and Horticultural world that benefits the islands residents and visitors alike.

Master Plan

Raising Funds: to execute our long term goals and strategy: Our current funding are proceeds of our annual Flower Show, Tea Party, Memberships, Program fees, and Donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations and from Friends of the Society. A small grant, from GEF (SGP).
These revenue streams need to be strongly enhanced in order for the Society to continue its goals. 

Our Goals

We are building a vibrant visitor center with displays on the history and philosophy of the gardens of Antigua Barbuda and the Caribbean. 

The Master Plan aims to interpret the location of our two acres of land, featuring

A greenhouse for propagation, teaching and demonstrations
Extensive dry gardens
Water Garden
Sustainable flower gardens/ Local medicinal Garden 


Extensive and complete 194 species of the Agave ( Our National Flower)
300‘ species of Aloe Vera ‘Asphodelaceae’
A Research Library
Extensive botanical books
Meeting Venue
Small gift shop 

Key programs and services agenda

Create a public persona by forming a liaison with other like-minded Government and Non Governmental Organizations.
Offer a monthly teaching seminar on gardening for sustainability
A bi -monthly Newspaper column 

Educational programs

Quarterly lecture series open to members and non-members.
Annual symposium plant based-Education
Partnership for youth garden programs via schools
Create small educational publications.
Annual Calendar
Current Promotions
Web Site with a ‘Love where you garden blog’
Facebook Page
Adopt and create other public gardens and a portion of a highway to beautify our surroundings and keep it well tended and clean.
Annual membership $50 Sponsorship from $500+
Friends of the Agave Gardens from $150
Corporate Partners From $ 1000 + 


Mission Statement:

Share what you know, Share what you grow.
ABHS is new and dynamic organisation, we introduce gardening to a wide variety of our society to educate, teach, conserve and to achieve excellence in plant knowledge, garden design and an appreciation of plants in the environment.
We get special discounts at selected Garden centers
Plant Exchanges at our meetings
Private garden visitations
Planned overseas trips
Liaise with other Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean and register with the RHS in an effort to attend and compete at the annual Chelsea Flower in the U.K.

We are open to anyone who is passionate about gardening, horticulture, who wants to learn, and share his or her knowledge.

Our General meetings are November through May and we have a quarterly executive Board meeting.

President- Mrs. Barbara Japal
Research- Mr. Patrick Ryan
Secretary- Mrs. Generis Hodge
Treasurer- Mrs. Jackie Feracho-Williams
Asst Treasurer- Mrs. Yvonne Martin
Events- Mr. Gary Fletcher

Accomplishments to date see

1st Meeting at GARD

Treasurers report under separate cover

January 2009 Reactivation of Memberships
February 2009 Field Trip to Barbados Flower and Garden Show
March 2009 Merge of the old and new societies
March 2009 Created a Web Site and e mail
April 2009 Acquisition of our Land on Friars Hill Road
May2009 Articles of Incorporation Non Profit Company
August 2009 School presentation and installation of a vegetable garden
September 2009 Field Trip to the Goodenough’s Garden at Rotten Hill
October 2009 Fund Raiser-Fitches Creek Home and Garden show
November 2009 Clean up-the airport gardens Joint effort with ABITPC
December 2009 Fund Raiser Tea Party-Evans Home
January 2010 Field Trip to President gardensField Trip to Barbados Flower and Garden show
February 2010 Clean up of the median at the airportClean up of the garden’s at Gardc
February 2010 Install a new garden at GardCWhile teaching technique of how to install a garden to 20 students
March 2010 Erecting sign on our land
April 2010 Fund Raiser 1st Annual Flower and Garden show
May 2010 Field Trip to Evelyn’s Garden
August 2010 Governor General became our Patron
October 2010 Clearing of the Land scheduled
November 2010 Participation in the restoration of the Government House gardens – which began but was, put on hold.
December 2010 Fundraiser Tea Party at Government HouseFund raiser at the home of Member Martha Gilkes
December 2010 We adapted the median near the airport in front of the ECAB, bank we plant and maintain it

January 2011 Meet Mr. Martin Slocock, of the RHSWho invited society to the UK to visit the Chelsea, Flower and Garden Show
February 2011 Presentation to our members and invited guests on how to prepare to compete in a show and Garden visit to Rotten Hill, Mr. Andrew and Dina Goodenough
April 2011 2nd Flower and Garden ShowWe prepared and installed and demonstrated a dry garden at GardC
May 2011 We attended the Chelsea Flower and Garden show in the UK, invited by Mr. Martin Slocock to meet the principals in a view to attend and compete
June 2011 Field Trip to Francella  Barnes garden winner of the home and garden show
October 2011 Field Trips Garden Visit
November 2011 Seminar on plant diseases at GardC.
December 2011 2nd,Fundraiser Tea party at Government House
December 2011 Invited to speak at the Home and Garden Show Presentation
Jan 2012 Barbados Flower and Garden Show
February 2012 Seminars taught a Backyard gardening course at GardC
March 2012 3rd, Flower and garden ShowInstalled and demonstrated how to grow and maintain a flower and vegetable garden
April 2012 We arranged and hosted a series of Flower arranging Seminars
August 2012 Mr. Patrick Ryan of Bryson’s presentation to join the society
November 2012 Radio discussions and seminars on Lethal Yellow.
December 2012 3rd Fund Raiser Tea Party at Government HouseFund raiser at the home of Member Martha Gilkes
January and February March 2013 GardC: We partnered in  an Agricultural, Horticultural seminar  and taught 60 students on  how to start a garden, we included visits to local garden centers and assisted to find internships for the students.We culminated with market day where we sold the produce.
January 2013 General meeting garden visit and seminar at Siboney’s garden compliments of our member of Mr. Tony Johnson
February 2013 Hosted four visits from the USA Historical and Garden Society, we offered instructional seminars
March 2013 1st Flower and Garden Show, held on the land
March 2013 Created a natural and medicinal herb garden, tagged and curated
April 2013 Preparation to create a new gardenat the land
April 2013 Visit to the gardens of Mrs Yvonne Martin , instruction and garden design
May, 2013 Invited to visit Chelsea Flower Show and Physic Garden UK
June 2013 Plant Sale on the land
July 2013 Field Trips to Jumby Bay and Janie Easton’s Garden
August 2013 Taught a garden design course for the Home and Garden festival.
August 2013 Fencing of the land
September 2013 Created the ‘Friends of the Society Begin to plant Agaves.
September 2013 Judging of the Homes and Gardens  Festival
December 2013 Submitted application for a GEF, Global Enviromental Funds Grant to fund the development of the Agave Gardens .
January Extra Ordinary Meeting, at Lindsay Hill- debrief on failed  Tea Party due to weather and Government House,
January Meeting with Landscape designer Ms. Sam FullerTopographical Survey arranged
February Building Committee formed
February Building Committee first meeting held at home of Generis and Errol Hodge
March Check for US$25T received from GEF
April 2nd Flower and Garden Show at the Agave Gardens
May Preparation of the grounds and Topographical survey completed
August Ground Braking ceremony for our new building
September Start of the building project
October Start on the LandscapePlanting the gardens
December Tea Party 2014
January Completion of Phase 1
February Meet with GEF funding representative Ms. Ruth Spencer.Review MOA and reconfirm submissions, pending Phase 2
March Flower and Garden Show