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About Halo

The Organization: Some say that there are no Problems in Paradise . This is not quite so. Within the  entire Caribbean, there are over 200 million people living on less than $5 a day.

The Halo Foundation, Inc. is on a mission to improve the conditions, education and well being of the vulnerable in Antigua and Barbuda and across the Caribbean. We are passionate about turning suffering into smiles, pain into perseverance, and hunger into health. We know that … in a world of “selfies “, inward motivation and personal gratification…  it is important to stretch out a hand, to help those who cannot help themselves, to share with those who are struggling for their very survival from day to day.

The world can get better if you play your small part. Help us to make a difference in thousands of lives. Join the Halo fight now to give other people the right to existence.


"To assist in the alleviation of poverty, illness, neglect, violence and abuse, with respect to victims of all ages, creeds, races and political persuasions  in Antigua āand Barbuda and within the wider Caribbean region".


"The Halo Foundation, Inc. aims to undertake one major projects per year on behalf of the organisations which fall under the Patronage of Governor General Sir Rodney Williams and Lady Sandra Williams . The Foundation will also seek to fulfill some smaller and more immediate needs of these and other organisations / individuals with demonstrated requests for urgent assistance, as it relates to issues of health, well being, safety and security, and education".

Associations under Halo Funtdation

Non-Profit Organizations under the Patronage of Their Excellencies.

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Board & Committee Members