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In December 2014, Their Excellencies Sir Rodney Williams and Lady Williams founded The Halo Foundation, a non-profit organization managed by a voluntary Board of Directors. One of the main goals of this umbrella charity organization is to bring greater attention to the social welfare needs of the less fortunate citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. The organization provides advocacy and support to 31 local charities under the patronage of the Governor General and spouse, that are dedicated to addressing Youth and Education, Health and Social Welfare, and Civic and Community initiatives.

The Halo Foundation’s message has gained momentum and the organization is proud of the growing success of its community outreach and fundraisers.  The accomplishments of the Halo Foundation in meeting the diverse needs of these various charities, have been driven by the generous financial and product support of several corporations and private sponsors, all to whom Halo is extremely grateful.

There is also a youth arm of the Foundation known as Generation Y, which undertakes to assist all the charities under Halo through the leadership and resourcefulness of its young and dynamic team of volunteers.  One area of particular concern is that of youth at risk, and the eradication of bullying in schools.

Additionally, Halo seeks to come to the aid of those in society who happen not to fall under the “patronage” umbrella, but who have a demonstrated need for assistance. This includes the provision of academic and humanitarian university scholarships, and the encouragement of the arts through school competitions.  The “Halo Hero Humanitarian Award” is a gold medal presented at the primary, secondary and tertiary educational institution levels to students who have made a significant humanitarian impact in their community, having performed selfless acts of kindness or bravery.

In December 2015, Halo enlisted award-winning performer Kathy Sledge as its first celebrity Goodwill Ambassador – to help spread the “Wings of Charity”, and to take the Foundation’s message beyond the shores of Antigua and Barbuda


"To assist in the alleviation of poverty, illness, neglect, violence and abuse, with respect to victims of all ages, creeds, races and political persuasions  in Antigua āand Barbuda and within the wider Caribbean region".


"The Halo Foundation, Inc. aims to undertake one major projects per year on behalf of the organisations which fall under the Patronage of Governor General Sir Rodney Williams and Lady Sandra Williams . The Foundation will also seek to fulfill some smaller and more immediate needs of these and other organisations / individuals with demonstrated requests for urgent assistance, as it relates to issues of health, well being, safety and security, and education".

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Board & Committee Members